Valvoline HD engine oils

Proven Performance For Heavy-Duty Applications

Valvoline HD engine oil range provides unrivalled value across a variety of commercial vehicle and off-highway applications with a broad range of available viscosities. Valvoline HD engine oils are mineral based, with advanced additive technology and backed by millions of kilometers of proven performance in combatting sludge build-up and component wear to give high-quality performance at an economical operating cost.


Valvoline HD Multi-Grade Engine Oils

>> Unrivalled value and protection for mixed-fleet applications
>> Advanced chemistry reduces friction and engine component wear
>> Additive technology prevents black sludge and maintains engine cleanliness
>> Suitable for on-road and off-highway applications
>> Recommended for use in high- and low-speed, four-stroke diesel engines
>> Suitable for industrial engines


Valvoline HD Mono-Grade Engine Oils

>> Designed for use in petrol and diesel engines where a single grade engine oil is recommended by the engine manufacturer
>> Specially engineered for use in service fleets where it helps prevent formation of sludge, caused by frequent stop-and-go driving conditions
>> Can also be used, in some cases, as hydraulic oil, where specified by the manufacturer