Tectyl 558-AMC

TECTYL 558 AMC is an amber colored, solvent cutback, slightly thixotropic wax base corrosion preventive compound. with good water displacing properties.
TECTYL 558 AMC is primarily intended for spray application to enclosed boxes, seams, joints and other creviced locations of vehicles, susceptible to corrosion.
TECTYL 558 AMC is recommended as a primer coat for 2-layer systems. After a relatively short drying period TECTYL 558 AMC can be sprayed over with other TECTYL products up to a max. wet film thickness of approx. 600 microns without sagging or dripping.
TECTYL 558 AMC dries to a dark amber colored, translucent, waxy, semi-firm, slightly tacky film.

Product namePack sizeMaterial number
Tectyl 558-AMC KEG VE20853
DRUM VE20856