Engine conservation

Engine Conservation Instruction

Detailed procedures of engine storage and removal from storage using Tectyl products.
Storage Preparation


If necessary, supply the engine in accordance with seperate OEM instructions
1. If the engine has been in service, clean the engine from dirt and oil.
2. Operate the engine at high idle until the coolant temperature is higher than 80°C (170°F).
3. Turn off the engine.


4. Drain the oil, clean magnetic drain plugs where used and install the drain plugs again. Use Tectyl 915W-40 preservation oil. This product can be used as a break-in oil and will provide long term engine rust protection.
a. replace the old oil filter and oil in the filterhousing.
5. Fill the oil pan to the high mark on the dipstick with Tectyl 915W-40.
6. Disconnect the fuel lines to the engine fuel filter and the injector return line.

* For exact viscosity grade, please refer to owner’s manual


For the next step, use Tectyl 800D as preservative oil.
7. Fill one container with diesel fuel and the second container with Tectyl 800D preservative oil (mix 50/50). Place both fuel lines in the container of diesel fuel.
8. Start the engine and run at idle (for approx. 30 seconds).
9. After the engine is operating smoothly, transfer the fuel supply line into the container of preservative oil.


10. Operate the engine until the preservative oil flows out of the injector return line.
11. Turn the OFF the engine.
12. Connect the fuel lines to the fuel filter and the injector return line.
13. Drain the preservation oil from the engine oil pan sump, the air compressor and oil filters.


14. Drain the cooling system and the cooling filter if equipped. We recommend to flush the cooling system with a water solube rust inhibitor.
15. Remove the Intake and Exhaust manifolds.
16. S pray Tectyl 930 Aerosol (if multiple or bigger engines use Tectyl 502C/502C-EH) into the intake and exhaust ports in the cylinder heads and in the manifolds (ensure that the engine is switched off).
17. Remove the valve cover or covers.


18. Spray the rocker levers, valve springs, valve guides, crossheads and push rods with Tectyl 930 Aerosol for single engine use or Tectyl 502C / 502C-EH for multiple engine use.
19. After applying, reinstall the valve cover or covers.


20. Cover all openings with heavy paper and tape to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the engine.