DT Transmission Oil 10W, 30, 50

>> A heavy-duty lubricant designed and recommended for applications requiring oils meeting the Caterpillar TO-4 or the Allison C-4 specifications
>> Formulated from premium base stocks and a select additive system to meet the challenging demands of modern equipment
>> Designed for use only in transmissions and drive trains, and should not be used as an engine oil. Suitable for Caterpillar’s road building equipment with wet-brakes

Download the PI sheet for SAE 10W
Download the PI sheet for SAE 30
Download the PI sheet for SAE 50




Product namePack sizeMaterial number
DT Transmission Oil 10W 208 L VE17818
20 L 819582
DT Transmission Oil 30 208 L VE17838
20 L 756754
DT Transmission Oil 50 208 L VE17858

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